Articles about Whips

  • Beginners Guide to Spanking

    It may no longer be the place where everyone starts their kinky explorations, but spanking remains one of the easiest games you can play with a partner – or several. Unlike a lot of fetish-related pra ...
  • Dear Abi, What's the deal with fisting? Is it a real thing that real people actually do, or is it just something that happens in porn films? How would it even work? Yours wincingly, Fisting Virgin ...
  • Have you ever thought about trying out your kinky side in the bedroom, but then stopped yourself because it seemed like there were a lot of rules and the whole idea of a lifestyle was a little overwhe ...
  • Similar terms for Whips

    Similar terms: BDSM, Pain, Domination, Spanking, Whipping, Whipped Ass, Crop, Paddle,
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