What's Fuck.com all about?

The birds do it, the bees do it, and OMG do your upstairs neighbors do it. WD40 anyone? Our mission at Fuck.com is to open things up about sex; fucking isn't a taboo and it sure as fuck shouldn’t be a double standard between men, women or anything in-between. Fucking is great, and the best lubricant is open and honest communication.

Dating today comes in left and right swipes, digital cat calling and endless questionnaires. At Fuck.com we take a different approach - community. Our focus is on building a healthy, safe and open community where people can chat or meet up without fear of judgment.

Fuck.com started out in 2004 by a band of brothers: David, Julius, and Robby - as the German website Poppen.de. The brothers saw a hole that needed filling as free dating sites were hard to come by back then. The first year saw 100,000 people sign up, proving to the brothers they were on the right track, and as popularity grew so did the site with the inclusion of new features and different types of paid memberships. But, always keeping the model of a free dating site.

Five years later Poppen.de was booming as one of the busiest websites in Germany. The previous year, the brothers launched a beta version of Gays.com and started working on new ways to process the large amounts of incoming data and ensure security for its members. New features like text and video chat were added, and membership continued to grow.

By 2012, the numbers reached an impressive 3 million users, and the brothers released more features such as a mobile version. Two years later, they launched a low-brow art, lifestyle, and culture magazine about well, fucking of course! The focus was to create more sex-positive content and break down taboos about fucking.

In 2016, Fuck.com started baring it all with an international launch in beta. More features were introduced, more community events and more potential for well, you know….

Fucking is about feeling good, safe and making connections with people. Whether you’re in an open relationship, experiment with new things ing, or know what you want, Fuck.com will have something (or someone) for you. So, come by and try us out, WTF have you got to lose?

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