Film Voyeurism is a term that comes from the French verb “voir”, meaning “to see”. Voyeurs are people who get turned on by seeing others undress or have sex. Often, the pleasure is more intense if the watching is done in secret.

Voyeurs of course enjoy nude beaches, saunas and sex clubs, since there are plenty of people baring it all and doing the nasty. Some people prefer to keep their anonymity while watching by using telescopes, binoculars and the like, but this is only legal if done with consenting and probably exhibitionist partners. Since it can be tricky to get full gratification as a voyeur without violating someone’s privacy, the internet has come to the rescue. There are tons of sites that cater to this preference, by various means, some more ethical than others!

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    Similar terms: Voyeur, Peepshow, Watching others having sex, Peep Show, Voyuer, Masturbation, Nudity, Eaves Dropper, Eavesdropping