The labia are the "lips" that make women's genitals look like flowers…or make Georgia O'Keefe paintings look like women's genitals, depending on how you look at it. Next is the clitoris (yes, it's in there, and yes, you have to find it).

The relative sizes of the lips, their shapes, colors and textures vary enormously from woman to woman. There is actually no such thing as a "normal" vagina, although some people will invent 'beauty standards' for absolute anything.

You may have heard people joking about "lady boners," but that's actually a real thing! Just like a dick, labias swell and become puffy during sexual arousal; peaking at orgasm.

There are many ways to get creative in this area. There are piercings, tattoos, designs shaved into pubic hair and even jewelry to bedazzle your vajayjay.

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