Netflix and chill?
What’s up all? I’m testing the waters just to see how close you are to me. Just looking for friends near Galveston and Houston, Texas area. Anyone Got Google hang out? Message me or Text me 337-242-9391
Friendship, parties and leisure5km around USA, Brazoria 2 months ago
Open married and love 2 party N play
We are Sondra and Isaac and we love to play and watch everybody who's just as fun as us... But were willing to try anything once.. We like to party and love porn and music... So hit us up with pictures or messages if u r interested.
Friendship, parties and leisure18 to 39 years ● 500km around USA, Bexar 8 months ago
Ready to pleazelove a good time single gyg doughboyfrghjjghu hgfgjhffhjj ffyuuugfgh ggdfggh gggu ij bb h dj ch hfdfhkjffgh sdfgvv%";&;:;&;;. Kjcfjdghjgghjgfhjjjiug vhugfhjgghxfhgfhji iuygffddfccvgyjhtdyhgg
Friendship, parties and leisure50 to 80 years ● 25km around USA, Dallas 11 months ago
Be Tru to yurself and yur desires.never regret.
Im looking to find a female that loves to have fun and isnt trying to manipulate or play games...unless they're role very laid back i don't have time for playing someones emotions..i want to live each day as if its the lastand actually keep it real with myself and my family...FTW!! Im a Scorpio to the bones.loyal to friends & night stands.friends w/ benifits .going out to party...those are things im into...i have some hobbies also.. Hit me up and lets talk and see whats good for both of us. Ok?
Friendship, parties and leisure19 to 48 years ● 200km around USA, Dallas one year ago
looking for a really good time..who could actually
I'm looking for someone to assist me in having a great time enjoying having sex.. I'm an open minded person that likes to have fun, need someone that feels the same way. Life's to short.. Be free and brave...
Friendship, parties and leisure25 to 45 years ● 200km around USA, Denton one year ago
We are looking for a very few people only!!
Have you ever been out with the girls for a night on the town, and ended up separated downtown? You cut through a back alley to the next bar, and your suddenly facing down a dirty man with a knife to your throat, demanding your money and possibly more? this is what signing up with a studio for your webcam career does. they hold you hostage with contracts and unreasonable demands, all while taking the money you have worked so hard to achieve. Do not let someone who has no interest or concern in your financial future bully you into making an uneducated decision!! We are a company that has the experience you need to maximize your profits, and keeps your interests at the heart of everything we do. We take no money out of your pocket, Instead we show you how to market yourself into a phenomenon! Stay out of that alley, and having fun with us while making maximum profit!
Friendship, parties and leisure18 to 45 years ● 5km around USA, Dallas one year ago
Want to see who is available!!
Do you have debt from credit cards or medical bills or student loans? Good, turn on the cam and start earning. Is your car broke down, is your heat turned off, are you on the verge of getting evicted? Good, turn on the cam and start earning. Are you sick and tired of your worthless fucking boyfriend and want to make an independent life for yourself on your own terms? Good, turn on the cam and start earning.
Friendship, parties and leisure18 to 45 years ● 5km around USA, Dallas one year ago
well caring type
i'm on here looking for a serious and real man with care that know how to handle a good relationship that will leads to a relationship someday or a sugar daddy that you know the value of woman .....
Friendship, parties and leisure48 to 90 years USA, Austin one year ago
i am max cole
i am a looking for a woman that can give it all to me, a woman with a caring heart and a loving mind a woman that is ready for a long term relationship. a woman i can build a home with and look at as a wife and a partner a woman that will help me with mu business as a partner. a woman that loves to make money and the one that knows what it takes to leave a happy home
Friendship, parties and leisure35 to 70 years USA, Dallas one year ago
looking for young boys/trans from texas!
I love boys, girls, trans, cross dressers and anything and everything between. If i had to choose between a cock or vagina I'd have to say that I like cock more. if you wish to know more, feel free to message me! :dickface:
Friendship, parties and leisure18 to 40 years ● 100km around USA, Grayson 2 years ago
Hot sex and pic exchange
Hello every one on I'm new here and need some sex relationship or pic exchange any one in?? in this date i wish a lot of you to join me we can exchange pic of our sex and a lot Thank you all.
Friendship, parties and leisure18 to 40 years USA, Van Zandt 2 years ago
without love what is life
I\'m looking for a serious long term relationship and it doesn\'t matter if you are not a real beauty because I trust other values. I\'m looking for a serious long term relationship and it doesn\'t matter if you are not a real beauty because I trust other values.
Friendship, parties and leisure40 to 100 years ● 5km around USA, Dallas 2 years ago
I think I might be a lesbian with a big fat cock!because I love to eat pussy all day , everyday,in ever way!if you are into cosmic orgasms, and fucking and suckig all night long! Hit me up I'm the guy that knows how to get u to achieve multiple orgasms and have your toes curling and body shaking ! I'm a musician and really down to earth! And a lot of fun! Try me I am here to please that pussy! It's my duty to please that booty!!
Friendship, parties and leisure18 to 70 years ● 25km around USA, Orange 2 years ago

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