icon-wio Jirgis created a personal ad
  • 19.01.2021 22:43:35
  • Male (40)
  • ●Los Angeles
  • Single
Serious relationship, Sex , and have fun
Fuck your Bitch , No fake account 🀬
Am fun to be with and I love my son a lot , I fly to make a living.
Biden is my president, God bless America.
No more text .......................................
Friendship, parties and leisure ● 40 to 90 years ● 5km around USA, Los Angeles
icon-wio tracymik created a personal ad
  • 18.01.2021 16:29:32
  • Female (34)
  • ●Delcambre
  • Single
Lets all have sex and catch fun all long
i am a nice,understandable,lady,if you want a one night stand with me then you have to make a deal with me and we are good,its professional,no insults,no scam zone and please done send me your nudes if i dont ask,it can cause some crazy act
One Night Stand ● 36 to 60 years ● 100km around USA, Delcambre
icon-wio Bjwanttogive created a personal ad
  • 18.01.2021 8:36:50
  • Male (28)
  • ●Booneville
  • Single
Wan662t to suck827 fuck35 mean69 be fuck
Looking to give head I'm really good at it I'm willing to be bottom of a threesome are gangbang will suck u more than 1 time I let u nut 2 times in my mouth and ones in my ass just let me know on the number in the headline
One Night Stand ● 18 to 50 years ● 50km around USA, Booneville
icon-wio Big6969 created a personal ad
Love outdoor sex
I like almost everything dirty and sexual. But im extremely shy when it comes to communicating with new people. I can communicate better with texting or writing letters. Only thing i really care about is women smelling good...
Outdoor Sex ● 19 to 40 years ● 5km around USA, Indianapolis
icon-wio Imtheone74 created a personal ad
  • 17.01.2021 2:01:28
  • Male (46)
  • ●Tarrant
  • Single
Be real with yourself
All all all so so so so so so rt up up off x so we do so so so so so so so so so HH do job he is hmm go xxx I'm CA in FL xz hmm ex vino en sndjdkdznzzkzlslkzkzmxnxbznznsnjdndnx TV bunny I'm go so hi m be VP nng be n zA jj c
One Night Stand ● 25 to 50 years ● 25km around USA, Tarrant
icon-wio Sex-4086 created a personal ad
  • 16.01.2021 13:04:17
  • Female (18)
  • ●Santa Fe
  • Single
One Night Stand ● 18 to 34 years ● 5km around USA, Santa Fe ● 16.01.2021 - 25.01.2021
icon-wio Captrtf created a personal ad
  • 16.01.2021 5:07:12
  • Male (58)
  • ●Gateway
  • Single
Your complete satisfaction guaranteed
You should be Honest,Trustworthy, Fun, open minded and ready to go around the world in 180 lays an ways so come morning we both have been thrilled and filled to the point of exhaustion yet looking for a repeat that the night was that good
One Night Stand ● 18 to 65 years ● 75km around USA, Gateway
icon-wio Dom4AnalSlut created a personal ad
  • 15.01.2021 20:17:09
  • Male (62)
  • ●Las Vegas
  • Not single
Dom who is seeking an anal slut
Come and experience everything you have thought about but have not yet found. I will take you there, and beyond. I have 28 years of experience and can start where you are at, and teach and train you beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. Anal is a must.
Fetish, BDSM and Bizarre ● 32 to 70 years ● 5km around USA, Las Vegas
icon-wio BigDraco1990 created a personal ad
  • 15.01.2021 5:18:49
  • Male (30)
  • ●Ontario
  • Single
Savage looking for his kinky freak in bedroom
I live my life like a savage and definitely have been told I fuck like one as well and I'm looking for a fun sexy wild girl in and outta the bedroom to have long hot wild sexcapades with all day and night and can go out to a bar and have a good time with as well
Friendship, parties and leisure ● 18 to 34 years ● 25km around USA, Ontario
icon-wio ironicirony created a personal ad
  • 14.01.2021 23:28:16
  • Male (36)
  • ●Hollywood
  • Single
The real question is: Burrito or bowl?
They're forcing me to type 200 characters. I finished college. I thought I was done with essays. Hmm..98 characters left. What can I say...stay golden ponyboy!
Time to go binge eat shredded cheese, brb!
Fetish, BDSM and Bizarre ● 25 to 50 years ● 10km around USA, Hollywood
icon-wio Raphael-9472 created a personal ad
  • 14.01.2021 10:49:30
  • Male (30)
  • ●Essexville
  • Single
Pornstar night
Looking for someone that ain't scared of the camera, looking for someone that will make content with me for my pornhub and other sites and will have a good time doing it..message me and send a pic o yea depends on how good r video turns out I might end up making cash or if it's for a contest many thousands..
One Night Stand ● 150km around USA, Essexville
icon-wio Anthony17 created a personal ad
Trying something new
Im 30 year old Italian from jersey .. on here trying something new and kinda more direct....... so if any ladies wanna hit me up don’t be shy. Just shoot me a message lol. Who knows it prolly can be more than just 1 night just saying.
One Night Stand ● 23 to 32 years ● 5km around USA, North Bergen ● 13.01.2021 - 22.01.2021
icon-wio Gangbangheart created a personal ad
  • 13.01.2021 3:58:05
  • Female/Male (53/45)
  • ●Gregg
Gangbang Feb 13th
Looking for fit guys between 40-55 to gangbang freaky ebony bbw. Condoms required. Feb 13th please contact if interested. She 510 250 bbq ebony who likes dick and pounded. Multi orgasms very vocal. Please help
Swingers and Group Sex ● 40 to 55 years ● 200km around USA, Gregg ● 12.01.2021 - 08.02.2021
icon-wio tim-8880 created a personal ad
  • 10.01.2021 19:37:50
  • Male (36)
  • ●Beaumont
  • Single
Im looking for a good fwb....
If your looking for everything good in a relationship, without the relationship, im your guy. Or if you just want a guy that can satisfy you the way youve always wanted and not just the guy using you until he gets off.
One Night Stand ● 75km around USA, Beaumont
icon-wio Blackstone12 created a personal ad
  • 10.01.2021 8:25:20
  • Male (49)
  • ●Wichita
  • Single
Gloryhole hunting
I need to find some gloryholes for myself and a few friends. I want to experience both sides ad everything will be available on my part. I want to be touched, pulled, filled up over and over. I want to stick my dick in every pussy there also.
Friendship, parties and leisure ● 18 to 45 years ● 150km around USA, Wichita
icon-wio Milanica created a personal ad
  • 07.01.2021 13:31:56
  • Female (39)
  • ●Shelby
  • Single
In the next 3 hours
Are there any bi woman who love to please other women? I have a nipple fetish I like to pinch, clamp, pull, suck, blow and tease another females nipples. I love mine being played with. I haven't been able to find anyone that will do what I asking yet. Please don't be shy, I am 38 but I either like younger women 20-26 or older women 40- 55. Sooner the better
One Night Stand ● 18 to 55 years ● 5km around USA, Shelby
icon-wio Ray420 created a personal ad
  • 07.01.2021 1:20:10
  • Male (27)
  • ●Harris
  • Single
Fuck me
I would like to see if I can find out if you can be the one who is the best person to hangout with. I'm trying to get more adventurous and experience life from a different view. I'm slim love walks on Beaches
One Night Stand ● 18 to 40 years ● 5km around USA, Harris
icon-wio 1971sexfreak created a personal ad
  • 06.01.2021 9:46:29
  • Female (50)
  • ●Tampa
  • Single
Looking for hookups only
I'm looking for hookups only. I enjoy being fucked as others watch then fuck me. I like sucking a guy as another is fucking me and i like being recorded. I am into just about anything except choking and fisting. I like playing rough but not painful
One Night Stand ● 45 to 65 years ● 5km around USA, Tampa
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