Female (45) Not single

married & cheating in New Jersey

i am a 44 y/o New Jersey wife whose husband travels the world so often on business. When he is away i play...cheating with as many strangers as i can, literally having had sex with hundreds of other guys over the past 4 years (and some girls). this is REAL, not some made up fantasy. i have had sub and blackmail fantasies for some time now. it is time for you to take and save my photos, learn more about me, and really use, abuse, degrade, humiliate and blackmail me.

i am a school teacher.

i am also a mother of a son 19 and a daughter 15, neither of which knows about this side of me. i have successfully sneaked out on them many times.

are you local? do i look familiar?

married & cheating in New Jersey

One Night Stand18 to 50 years ● 100km around USA, Toms River