Attraction to someone in uniform is a turn-on as old as time. One might like to imagine that cops and soldiers were given such get-ups only to get an extra kick out of their after-work play. And it's not just guys at work who get us all hot under the starched collar: nurses, stewardesses, policewomen and even the less formally defined schoolteachers and librarians are hot for most people.

Most people going all in with the dress-up game usually work some BDSM into their encounter. Maybe the schoolteacher with her hard yardstick will be enough for you, or maybe you want that cop to fully handcuff you to the bed and give you a real harsh 'talking to'. Power and dominance are natural aspects of the tucked shirt and the seamed panty hose. Add some heavy boots or stiletto heels and just about anyone will get down on their knees.

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