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teach people how to pick out and avoid scammers.....


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have a educational page on fuck that has articles and videos on how to figure out if who they are talking to is trying to scam them or not... tell them to ask as many questions as they can think of... and if they keep making sense and don't just get angry they are prolly a legit person... fuck is a website for people to share pics vids story's and experiences about SEX not money... if someone asks you for money for ANY reason they are scamming.. period end of story... never buy pics or vids or pussy from someone unless they are already standing in front of you don't send gas money from an app cause youll never see it or them again....use your brain before you have fun. also more people should share these stories as well so that other people are aware of the tricks that can be pulled on them... the more people learn about it the harder it will be to be taken advantage of 

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