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Being real, what's that mean anyway?


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Ok we have the question...but what's it really mean? To me being real is about the way you act and behave even when no one is looking. It also includes my character. Am I the same guy everyday or do I pander and pretend when I'm trying to be liked? There's a quote out there about " I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for whom I'm not" simple but how many times has someone presented themselves to you one-way but when you get to know them they change. Most people do this on some level as if the person they isn't good enough.. I am somebody, so I'm true to myself and those around me. That's not always easy some friends are really only friends conditionally as can a relationship partner.

So what's your take on being real?


Being real is, being cool, chill, normal, comfortable in your own skin...body and sexuality. Open to new experiences, respecting others, 

being fun, flirty, own who you are, what u like, and honestly and openly being straight up with people

like on here I'm looking for bisexual sex

i will admit to one of my secrets cause I'm real

When I'm really horny I some times enjoy wearing panties either when I'm with a guy or masturbaiting at home

some people are turned off by this but it's something I enjoy and makes me feel sexy so I own it


I think that being real is a attribute that you have to have naturally. It is to be the most honest that you can be in any situation no matter how hard or awkward the moment is. It is not to be polite just because you know that you may hurt someone who is hearing it. It is truth straight from the heart. You can find yourself in a embarrassing situation but still you have to be honest with yourself and others if you are to be called real. Nobody is completely real we all have to be deceptive sometimes I think lol

I really dig the comments they give us a depth to the idea of what being " real" means. Love it. I agree it is about owning who you are and what you are.. and bite my ass if you don't like it. Whatever " it " is for you accept yourself for who you are and what you are and who you'll never be and I know from experience it sets you free.... lol but like Cockson123 said even the realest of us has been less than real with someone at some point. It is what it is.

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act as a role.

This is a cold situation in China.

I don't want to be a role.

Who can solve me?

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