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Im not really a cross dresser but i want to be . Im afraid of what other would think. Please help me!! Please

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Have you ever tried it before? I think you can never really know about something until you try it.

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Well, that's fantasy ! We should just njoi it and forget about others.
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Enjoy it and embrace it.I found it such a release to discover i need to be a sissy.It's a long voyage of discovery but i accept who i am now and feel happy in my own skin.

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When I bought my first skirt in North Rhine Westphalia, I wore it at a lake near the shop to find out how I feel with it. The feeling was great, after the lake I decided to wear skirts outside the lake area. It's a wonderful experience. Negative reactions came from my former job, from biological ladies. I didn't care about their opinion and it was the right attitude. When they talked in a negative way about how I dress and look like, they can't be friends. I think they are just jealous, because I can wear it and look great or better than they^^


AND: I overtake typical female tasks, e.g. office work, grocery, doing housework. These female tasks are easier than the tasks of my former job :-)


diferente es mejor

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a Spanish slogan ;)
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