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Burning Man hula-hooping


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Burning Man, wind up your waist; hula-hooping, a gopro and the girls: fuck yeah, fucking hot, and that's not only because we're in the desert!

Come on girls and boys, seriously, if this is where the Burning Man principle of radical self-expression is taking us, I'm all for it. And we can all do it.
Us females wouldn't mind some hot guys hooping too. And we all know that there are a fair share of those in the desert. So where are they hiding? Come out from behind your yurt.........right now.


Filmed and edited by Rob Volkel


FIlmed and edited by Sebastien de Halleux

... and then one day, one of those shirt- cocking guys starts hooping, he ain't in the loop. Heh boys. If you want to stick your dick out in the desert, either keep both your pants and shirt on, or keep 'em both off. We girls don't accept half and half. Know what I mean?

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Yes! Most definitely need to have more men hula hooping!

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i probably suck at this... but i'll still try improve my sexy moves this summer ;)

challenge accepted !!


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