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I'm actually a discreet lesbian..because of my conservative upbringing, i always have this fear of coming out. Ive had some affairs with guys before but I find women much more interesting and thrilling!..I like pleasing my type of girl a lot!!!

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I think you should go with your gut feeling... No need to come out if you're not ready or your beloved ones aren't prepared to accept you the way you are. But, hey... There IS a need for all of us to enjoy ourselves, a right to live our sex lives they way we want and to do what feels right... at least in our intimacy. Thanks for sharing, that's already a brave step... Keep it up, Glen! :)
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Well I'm a nympho and would like to have sex a lot but I'm kept at bay because of my family and the kind of social hostility that I'll have to live with. Guess I'll have to hide it till I go somewhere else or it comes out..... eventually 😔

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