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In my head.


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I'd rather be in his mind and have him in me. Clenching as he digs himself further in, pushing me into the floor the wall the bed. As he digs deep it's caught in my head. I can't stop he has me wetting the bed. I'm dripping he is dripping I'm licking cum off the head. We spend so much time dreaming of this day in our head. I'm out of breath this can't be I think he came so much he is wetter than me. I'm gripping the sheet he says to call him master by name. I love to be soar I love the pain. I love to have my hair pulled and the way that he spanks. I tell him , "it's okay, go ahead we will see. How hard it is to punish me. Make me submit to you let's see if you can own me." He blind folds me and ties me up now all I can do is give myself up. It's amazing who you are when you can't control someone. How deeply you want them that you let them possess you. Passion redefines us. 

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For a man to have a lady desire what you have just expressed to him to then look him in the eyes calling him master...how proud he should become when such a lady as you have expressed he's the master you need..muah..

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