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My love or my lust?


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I am in a open relationship with a lady.... N i really like to have sex with her... I consider her my personal pornstar... But now i'm in confussion whether its my love or lust???????? Help me:lick:

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It would never be the same without you, a cock a pussy its only what it is when you dont have the heat the desire the passion, the magic that makes a person out of control in ecstacy with just the thought of you.
Thats why i have never been married. I havent found a person who knows how to fuck everytime better then the last. Good, like it was the first time we had ever fucked. As wet and nasty and rough like sex was timeless.
Iwant to be the women you are fucking in your head. The one that makes you so horny for more. Because I want to please them...but in life we rarely fuck and walk away. When you find something good you want to keep it for yourself. Its not to say its impossible. I had a sex partner since I was I want to say 20. When I heard he was getting engaged I wasn't upset or jealous I was elated. Both he and I shared a lot of traits when it came to our social or relationship characteristics and what his engagement meant to me was that if he found someone I may possibly too. Many times we had cut our outtings out to at times just really be friends out of respect to our relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend but it lasted as long as it did because we simplified it. I dont ask the how come question and you dont ask it. Dont put me in a hot seat outside of you and I and always be there for each other in many many different ways. If I ever really needed anyone he would do what he could to help me out. But I am pretty independant and I have known him for 17 years now. Sometimes I would question if his being there kept me from ever being fully invested. The reality is that if he was there I had already felt that being fully invested would no longer matter. Meaning the clouds and stars and hearts had already faded away. My issue with relationships came from growing up with a handicap brother. People like being needed and wanted. Having relavancy, so when I felt I wasnt needed I didnt stick around. But a person wants you in their life or they dont. If you are there in good or bad times, when you are the taker who is in need or you are the giver and life is on the roll, when your partner lies and cheats, when they up and leave and replay the farytale and still you see them as a shining star but somehow days go by years go by and still you are a lifetime away the reality is always this like in fast and the furious when he talks about wining, "whether you win by an inch or a mile winning is winning" ,the same goes for losing. When someone loves you there is no almost. If they want you there is no kind of. With technology theres a million ways to be in someones life so if someone isnt then guess what they aren't. The most important thing is to know where the other person stands and that what they want isnt in what they say but in the actions they are willing to take. Dreams do come true...but you actually have to put actions into what you want. 

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