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Replacing what was lost


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I went through a breakup recently and it's been awful.  I can hardly think of anything else other than the girl I lost.  Soon after the breakup though I started looking at other girls again.  Is it ok to try to find love again so soon? Is it healthy? Is trying again so soon disloyal even though we are no longer together? Id really love some feedback here.

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This is the only way I can stop thinking about the person I lost.

I just keep looking until suddenly I find someone else to care about.

I go through a lot of "ehhh I wish I was with this person instead" but then eventually  after a while I find someone else.

I don't know if it's a good thing or healthy for the mind but this is my only way to stop going crazy.. 


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Bringing anything from an old relationship into a new one is a recipe for disaster. Kinda like trying to find someone to punish. I dont ever want to find someone who is better then my ex or that makes me better then my last ...or any kind of refrence to or from. I do better in my life when I am single. If you are with someone who is that unhappy that your relationship sucks then the best thing to do is not be the captan of a sinking ship. When im in a relationship i try not to do things i will regret. If you cheat or get cheated on its like what they say in NA or AA. Its the outcome of your symptom how you react to the arising issues is up to you. Im an artist and I like knowing I can live life without a parole agent. Which if your gf or bf is that its probably not a good sign. Do you know why caged birds dont sing...because birds werent ment to be caged. Relationships were not meant to be kept with everyone you ever loved because then how would you ever meet someone better. Theres this book I was reading, "What should I do with my life". The author says, "You have to take all the seats at your inner circle and give them away to someone new". The person you are with should be on a path with you. They shouldnt be leading you and you shouldnt be leading them. Some people werent meant to stay they were meant to help you, you to help them become better maybe for the person you will meet. But if you are on this site you probably arent a 15 year old heartbroken girl who swears they will never love again, because we all know thats not true you will and after some odd years you wont remember their name. In fact the more you are living your life the faster life will move forwards. Dont cling to the dead you cant take them to a pllace where everyone is living. Life is too short to dwell on the past your life is waiting for you and if you focus on making a better life for you or tried to be the kind of person you would like to spend the rest of your life with you might find some of the most amazing experiences somtimes dont involve anyone else. Thats usually how we meet new interesting people.

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