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Can you tell when a woman cums?


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This is often discussed but still not clear for everyone.. How does men notice if a woman is cumming? :bite: We (women) know, but I think many people don't! It's not as evident as when a man cums.. :tada:


Anyone who can share if and how they notice?

I hope this discussion can clear things up!


Pussy getting tighter...moaning like craze ...leg shaking etc..





What do you mean with your "yes"? Do you agree to Marcos post or is it an expression for "I know, how to notice if a woman is cumming"? ;)


when a woman is having an orgasm, he should be able to feel the walls of the vagina contract around his penis


When a woman learnd to do fake orgasms over years, no man (will) realize.
But as the contribution before, eventually a man could feel a kind of vaginas pulsation.
As I can, I rate the female orgasm by her heartbeat  - I think no one is able to fake this, isn´t it ?  ;)

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Depends on the woman, some may for instance get red skin on their back during an orgams, that is not fakeable, squirting obviously is telling too. With some other woman no way you could tell...

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Dutch gerbie


U have been with the wrong women 

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Hahaha good shot

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they close there eyes and grape there legs strongly the they push out some moisture that i love to lick 

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Easy for me i scream and squirt which guys love. I have no control

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