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my mood lately


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hope it's ok to post this here, just wanted to share my feelings. it's from a guy's mind so i guess it fits lol. right now i'm in the mood to be a sexslave to a bunch of guys. somehow i wind up with a bunch of guys. they make me take all my cloths off.there i am completely naked & vulnerable among a bunch of guys with all their cloths on. 1 by 1 i makeout with each guy as a way to get introduced & to be comfortable with every guy, as other guys randomly touch me & feel me up & lick me all over! i can't take it anymore i get down on my knees & undo 1 guy's pants. i stare at his boner it's so beautifull & mesmerizing! as i put it in his mouth i gaze deeply in his eyes. it feels so right in my mouth. before long i'm bobbing up & down on his dick like a chickenhead lol. another guy comes up behind me & lubes up my ass. i know this is a sign of what's to cum & the thought makes me so excited! slowly all the cloths drop & i feel a cock running between my buttcheeks. the tip stops at my hole & very slowly my guy enters me. each inch hurts a little but it's a good hurt. he leaves it inside me for a few seconds. i get use to feeling a guy's hard dick deep in my ass & it feels great to be filled! he pulls my head away from the other guy's cock, turns it around & replaces that cock with his tongue. because now the act is more intimate our kiss is more passionate. it's more than just fucking me. i return to my other cocksucking while he gently starts to pump me. they both leave there cum in me & 2 more groups of guys use me in that position. i move the cum all over inside my mouth before i swallow it. i am left with an awesome taste in my mouth. a guy grabs me & turns me over face up. i willingly & eagerly put my legs on his shoulders, instinctively knowing what he wants to do to me, and wanting it myself just as bad. he takes me in the missionary position. gives it to me good! i grab at random cocks & stroke them as i'm getting done in ecstasy. 2 or 3 guys stand over my face stroking themselves ending in jizz all over my face. some winds up in my hair. leave in conditioner lol. other guys take there turns at the other end enjoying me. by this time i don't need lube, there is so much cum in my ass it's doing a great job lubing me up for these guys. plus i'm pretty loostened up (in more ways than 1!!) so much so a guy lays down beside me cock pointing straight up. i get up & sit on it facing away from him, reverse cowgirl. or cowboy in this case i guess. another guy comes up in front of me & manages to squeeze his dick in me too. the guy's eyes look with wonder, awe & lust as they see me getting double fucked!
i get passed around from guy to guy, or more often from guys to guys all nite. by morning i'm a little achy & thoroughly exhausted physically mentally & emotionally. i've had alot on my mind lately & i really needed this done to me! the guys all express how much they like me & how much fun they had with me. i also say how much i like them & how i enjoyed being there bitch. with a big grin on my face. we have established an odd but deep friendship & get togather from time to time to blow off some steam (& some dicks lol) & enjoy some hot sex only a few understand & few more experiance.
but that's not the only thing. this experiance teaches me, same sex pleasure is really ok. this over the top experiance submitting sexually to multiple guys at the same time got me over my fears & hangups about gay sex. now my gaydar is sharp! i pickup on sexual energy from my male friends, neighbors & coworkers. some of them are open to some fun & i sleep around casually with them. i start to pickup guys at the store & on the street too! sometimes we wind up doing it after only meeting for 10 minutes! i wind up having several fwb's & 1 nite stands with strangers. i finally accept, welcome & embrace being a total slut, it's so liberating & enjoyable!!!!

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you have a very sexy body very nice to look at
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thanks! <3 i hpoe that means there will be many people who will have a sexy body to enjoy using.

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