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Bound and Blind


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I confess. I have a secret dark perverted fantasy. I will admit it here. DISCLAIMER: This is fiction!

I have this long time fantasy of drugged (not knocked out but something that makes me hornier, sluttier, and eager to make bad decisions), tied up and completely immobilized, and blindfolded by, not one, but a few Masters/Owners. While they keep me like this for hours, they make me, by request or force, please anyone and everyone they want anyway they decide. They are training me to be their own private sissy toy. I was dressed in a skimpy black skirt, bright pink lace bra and panties, and black thigh highs. 

As I lay there bound and bent over some table with my ass in the air totally exposed and my mouth easily accessible I find a growing sense of excitement, anticipation, and a little fear. I am about to be fucked by several anonymous men. My new owners have posted my all over the internet and are now replying. They told me that this is the next step in my training. I was getting hornier than I had every been waiting there not knowing what will happen and when. I couldn't even hear anything. They had put headphones on me that was playing continuous sissification hypnosis. The only warning I'll have will be when I am first touched or penetrated by the first random they invite over.

Suddenly, the hypno stopped. I had no idea what was going on until I heard the voice of my female Owners, "You have come a long way so quickly, bitch," she said merrily. Then she lowered her voice and must have come close because I heard her whisper, "We have a surprise for you."

At that one of my male Owners spoke up, "We decided to accelerate your training. This will be your last training and then you graduate to full fuckslut." He paused for a moment then added, "of course this means we will have to amp up tonight's training."

The first must have arrived earlier and stayed quite because I felt something at my ass and before I knew it somebody had just pushed a rather big penis deep into me. I moaned, it felt wonderful.

Another of my owners spoke, "Nobody will be used any protection tonight. You will be bred by many men tonight and you will swallow a lot of sperm as well." There must have been two people here already because suddenly another man was suddenly pushing himself into my mouth and down my throat. Then the headphones began playing the loud hypno again and I was cut off from everything accept the all the strange random man meat entering my body. I was overwhelmed. I was still shocked to learn that these men would be cumming directly into my body.

I was now being viciously fucked in both my ass and throat by two rather well endowed men at the same time. I was stupefied by incredibly excited I was. I couldn't believe I now found I wanted this. I was feeling so happy as my throat and mouth started filling with semen. 


If anyone enjoyed this, please let me know. If there is interest I will put up a part 2.

And yes I do actually fantasize about this at times.

it's great to be able to explore ur sexuality through fantasies. by going beyond the limits of what u would ever be willing to do. u learn about what kinda person u are sexually & what kinda sexuality u would like to share with others. anyways i did enjoy ur story! usually people who like to be sub in fantasies or real life, lead stressfull lives in some position of control. giving up that control & the responsibilities & stress of that control can be quite relieving i guess. what better way to do that than getting tied up & spitroasted lol! especially love the part where it's a women who is pimping u out & making u be a bitch to multiple guys & u don't even see them or hear them, just feel them! ur story gave me a boner! wish it was practical, & safe to try something like this because maybe i'd be open to it too. so if there's a part 2 or 3 or 4 or more please keep them coming!!!!!
nice :) move to tampa or berlin germany ;) this does not need to stay a "fantasy", we have done similar over the years several times
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Naaa just  move to Kenya and all will be  well

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