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my attraction to the sexes


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i'd like to share how i'm attracted to both sexes. i'm not asking for advise though i am open to respectfull feedback.
as many of u might know i'm still pretty unsure of my attraction to the same sex, so what i feel is based on theory & fantasy definately not experiance. so what i feel is i would like to be a sex object for guys almost like a fetish. i would like to make myself available for them & know they have pleasure because of it. although i'm looking for some kinda connection i'm not interested in much outside of the experiance.
with women i wanna be much more active. i wanna get inside a women's mind, learn what makes her tick & make her tick with more life, energy, pleasure, happiness. i'm driven to do whatever i have too to make her happy on many levels. i also crave a much deeper emotional connection, something that goes beyond what we percieve in the moment. there is more i wanna offer but i also want that back in some way too. i want it to be something we are a part of togather whether it involves a commitment or we happen to meet for a short time.

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Well you got my attention and im gonna start out by saying its a fucin shame you have never had a man make you feel the way YOU want to make her feel .i remember what its like to connect mind body and soul into the art of makeing love to my spouse its fucin orgasmic nothing in the world can top it..thanx...

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On 2/10/2019 at 3:50 AM, Cutey177 said:

Just do what makes u happy

I do what make me Happy.. What about me if I want to Fuck and be fucked:))}{

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