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  • Gangbang fantasy

    Ive always had this deep sexual attraction and desire to be double penetrated by 2-3 guys. They force fuck me, slap me, tie me up, degrade me a bit with dirty talk. One dick in my mouth the other in m ...
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  • Handjob fantasy

    A question for the women. If you lived with a sex-starved person for 6 years, and you were their sister in law, would you say yes? If I were to ask for a Huge favor and explain it to her, do you think ...
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  • What is your fantasy

    What’s the favorite thing a female like to do in bed ...
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  • Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore gives her best advice to a woman wondering whether or not she should live out her sexual fantasies. Dear Molly I have a lot of sexual ...
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  • Being poor and horny can be a drag if you're looking to spice things up with a sex toy. Your hand (or partner) is great, but sometimes you want to feel something different. Maybe you want to try out a ...
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