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  • College Humor puts a handful of toys to the test. Are they sex toys, or dog toys? Ok, so for anybody that's been to an adult store in the last century, most of these will be pretty ...
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  • Sex Toy Treasure Hunt

    Fuck those kitchy chocolate calendars; we’ve got a much sexier ‘adults-only’ version! Poke around on and find the hidden sex toys to collect points. Each toy you find will give you 20 p ...
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  • Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore responds to a reader who's afraid to go outside their sexual comfort zone. How do you go about sexual experimentation and comfort zones with you ...
  • Hello December & HELLO Sex Toy Treasure Hunt

    Happy December Buddies! This year is winding down and what a fuckin’ ride! 2016 has seen go through many changes! From being just an online magazine to launching into BETA as ...
  • Why Everyone Needs at Least ONE Sex Toy

    When you think of sex toy does your mind immediately picture a dildo or a vibrator? Those are great toys (as I plug another one into to charge), but there are so many more sex toys out there to try. M ...
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    Similar terms: Sex Machine, Sex Toy, Orgasm device for women, Riding, Sybian Machine,