Sweet Pain

Sweet Pain

Aside from being a KISS song- Sweet pain refers to a more BDSM style of love making. The pleasure you get when someone spanks you while fucking you doggie style for starters. There are endless examples one can find. Just have a rummage through the kinkier members here on Fuck.com to get a better perspective.

This isn’t your plain old vanilla sex and should be done with full consent of all parties involved. Some people find bruising and scratch marks a sexy reminder of the fun they had the night before. Many times this includes melting hot wax on your lover’s bare skin, whips and various other toys. It’s always advisable to warm up first and not go straight into hard play. A bit of talking before to make sure everyone is in agreement, role play with dominance and submission is a common scenario. An infinite supply of costumes and toys are available online or in sex shops to create any fantasy.

Consent is sexy, check out some other ways of pushing the limits:
BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Wax Play


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