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  • Ass play: Does it make you gay?

    Exploring the ass and ass play The ass and therefore ass play is truly a wonderful thing. The buttocks are a maze of sensitive nerve endings, and just inside the tender anal cavity of men ...
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    This month it's all about First Times. So, if you've never had anal sex and are curious about it, Fuck.com gives you the lowdown on how to do it well - and demystify some of the myths in the process. ...
  • 1. You can’t just slip it in So you’re going doggy style and its right there. What do you do? Oh the opportunities, you could just slip it right in and she might love it. Or, she might not ...
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    Similar terms: Spit, Humiliation, Spit on Face, Spit in Mouth, Spit fetish, Spit slave, Spit swap, Spit Kissing