Film Sadomasochism or S&M has two components: a sadist likes giving pain, and masochist likes receiving pain. This is a large part of BDSM. One partner is generally Dominant, administering pain to the other, and the submissive partner enjoys receiving the pain. This dynamic is always consensual and non-abusive, or it isn’t considered part of BDSM.

S&M games can be purely psychological, but often they have physical components. One might find whips, paddles, chains, clamps, and even shackles involved in these scenes.It is easy for injury to result from this kind of intense play, so everyone involved really needs to know what they are doing ahead of time. For the Dominant or sadistic partner, sex is way hotter when they are inflicting pain on their partner, and controlling their movements and reactions; while the submissive can more fully enjoy themselves when they surrender to the commands of their partner.

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