Role Play

Role Play

Film Role play (not just for D&D nerds!) is when people plan clothes, locations and interpersonal dynamics to for actions leading up to sexual activity. Most of us think about the sexy nurse and the patient, or the schoolteacher and the student, but it can be less corny and more subtle than that. Some couples play at being strangers having a one-night stand, and of course there is plenty of inspiration to be found in BDSM.

Dominance and submission, psychological games, or spanking and the like can all be part of role playing. Role plays are a healthy and safe way to add variety to a relationship. The fantasies are often not literal, but generally use themes of power, innocence, fear, comfort, authority, unpredictability or tenderness, that on some level appeal to us. If all partners involved can have fun and get off, role playing can open up unlimited new worlds.

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