A quickie is fucking, but the drive-through version. Maybe you're standing near the water cooler in a particularly quiet break room; maybe the elevator jammed with just the right company; maybe it's the moment before the kids finish picking up their legos: bang. It's impetuous, it's instinctive, it has all the glory of the animal urges in us. But the duration isn't long, and foreplay is generally nanoseconds. While the sweating and the heavy breathing make for great memories once you're back at your desk or loading the minivan, a female orgasm is unlikely to be in the bag.

Quickies, in other words, are desserts. They shouldn't be your main meal, or eventually they'll ruin your appetite.

If impetuous intercourse is your game, read on:
Cottaging, Sex in the Car, Elevator Sex, Locker Room Sex


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