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Personal details

Gender Man
Age 35
Status Not single
Height 180cm
Weight 95kg
Body shape Average build
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Hair length Short
Beard Full beard
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity Indigenous
Origin USA
Pubic Hair Shaved
Body hair Some hair
Dick length 18cm
Dick width 5cm
Zodiac signs Cancer
I can speak English
Japanese sirEgghead

About me


Hello. My name is Thomas. My fiancee and I are both on here looking for possible playmates or just friends. We are open to different possibilities, but always do everything with each other’s consent.

I am a nerd and a geek. I am tough, but I am loving and caring. I love my fiancee, sex, anime, Japanese culture and food, hard music, and video games. I work hard and play hard equally. We sex hard too. Sometimes while working or playing. ;) I spent 10 years in the US Army. I currently am the manager of IT for a large financial corporation. I build and maintain computer servers for a living. I play RPGs and watch anime with my fiancee for fun.

We are on this site to look for friends and potential playmates for either of us or both of us. I am straight and she is bi and we are interested in male or female friends/playmates and couples. We love playing together and trying new things together. We are open to just chatting, flirting, or maybe even a meeting in person for more activities. It all depends on how our online meetings go. We don't jump into anything blind or without each other's full knowledge and consent. We don't go for the "insta-perv" that introduces him/herself with immediate nastiness.

I love tying her up and making the pleasure last. I love giving her spankings and having the burn remind her of the pleasure that brought it there. We aren't into serious pain or injury. The punishment and the care-giving come together. I take care of her aches and pains because she takes care of me. But she always has a stinging mark on her butt as a reminder. ;)

If you're interested in learning more, or interesting having more, send one or both of us a message and introduce yourself. We'll see what happens after that! ^_^

== Results from ==
100% Bondage Giver
100% Daddy/Mommy
96% Dominant
96% Experimentalist
96% Switch
93% Master/Mistress
92% Brat Tamer
89% Bondage Receiver
84% Primal (Predator)
79% Voyeur
75% Exhibitionist
68% Sadist
67% Primal (Prey)
63% Brat
63% Masochist
58% Degradation Giver
55% Degradation Receiver
54% Submissive
50% Girl/Boy
46% Non-monogamist
41% Slave
33% Vanilla
0% All-Rounder
0% Pervert
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