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Gender Man
Age 39
Status Single
Zodiac signs Scorpio

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You gave me your address so I can send you flowers for a late valentine day gift.  So one day soon after I come surprise you with a visit on your day off. I pull up to your house and see your car there so I know your home. I ring the bell but no one answers.  I figure that your the only one home, so I walk around looking thru windows to see witch room is yours.  I come up to the second window and see you sleeping there nude barely covered.  I take a chance and push on the Window and see that it's unlocked. I then push it all the way up and tip toe very quietly inside your bedroom.  I then gently pull the covers off your silky smooth olive completion body. I then very gently and slowly spread your legs as wide open as I can. I then take my shirt and sneakers off as I crawl in between them. I then gently spread your juicy perfect pussy lips wide apart and begin gently licking up&down then slit of your opened pussy lips. You begin to get hot and throbbing wet as you still lay there deep asleep.  I then begin to massage your throbbing hard wet clit as I am tongue fucking your tight wet pink pussy hole as slow an as deep as I can. After some time goes by you begin to cum as you let out a moan and wake up. You get startled an a bit scared as you jump back. You then see it's me and give me a lite smack in the face and say, you fucking dick you scared the shit out of me but im so glad it's you, as you grab my face and put your perfect soft lips on mine. We begin to make out as I begin to caress your warn soft body. I then lay you back down as I take off the rest of my cloths. We then lay next to each other and caress each other as me make out. I then lay on my back and have you sit on my face.  We begin our love affair in the 69 position.  As you stroke and suck on my big throbbing hard cock I am licking an sucking on your throbbing hard clit as I gently finger fuck you deep an slowin in both your tight wet pink holes till I make you cum hard. You then get off of me and lay on your back. I then get on top of you and put your legs on my shoulders spread wide open. As I begin caressing you up your warm softened skin body I am kissing slow and gently, starting from your belly button till I get to your breast. I then begin to caress your left breast with my right hand as I lick and suck on your nipple, and with my left hand I an rubbing hard and slow on your throbbing hard clit in a circular motion. I then begin to kiss you up the rest of your body as I put my right hand behind your head, as I begin finger fucking your throbbing tight wet pink pussy hole. I then grab you by your hair and pull your head back. Kissing you on your neck and behind your ear finger fucking you as fast an deep as I can. I then begin to kiss on your soft full lips and I rub my big hard cock up&down the slip of your throbbing wet pussy lips. As we begin to make out I slowly shove my big throbbing hard cock deep inside of you. As we continue to make out I am fucking your tight wet pink pussy starching it out around my big hard cock. You begin to moan as I begin to fuck you faster and deeper until you cum hard. offers you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Desert Hot Springs with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Women seeking Men”. Nobody stays alone here for long! If there’s a little extra space in your bed then go to "Women seeking Couples”. has tons going on!

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