It's easy to underestimate the role of smell in sexual attraction. But just go on a first date with a someone who views deodorant as optional. Or, arguably worse - who has bathed in cologne just before. You’ll note how quickly those nether regions shrivel up.

The role of pheromones is a scientifically and evolutionarily important one. They affect our perception of someone on a subconscious level. This is where we get those animal instincts from and occasionally ‘go a bit feral’.

Body odors also have their own groups of fetishists. Anything from used socks and underwear to smelly gym T-shirts or jockstraps (insert link from afraid to ask forum). Before you judge remember when your sweetheart is away and you wear their unwashed band T-Shirt the entire time they are gone. See, pheromones, fetishes and fucking, they come together in the end.

All that aside, odor can also be a major turn off when it’s in the wrong places at the wrong times. Meaning, get clean before you get dirty.: brush your teeth, wash or towelette typically stinky areas, use talcum powder for your particularly sweaty bits.

So keep your nose open, you never know who might draw your fancy!

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