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  • The Funny Side Of Sex

    Here's an idea... Why don't we all post something funny (or maybe just an amusing observation) which is related to sex? Since it's my idea, I'll go first... I was walking through a park re ...
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  • online sex

    What do you think about online sex Like or dislike, and why? ...
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  • Have any of you been asked by your husband to have sex with another Male while he, ur husband, merely watches. My husband wants us to do this. So anyone experienced this before. What was it like after ...
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  • Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore responds to a reader who's afraid to go outside their sexual comfort zone. How do you go about sexual experimentation and comfort zones with you ...
  • “Up the bum, no babies!” That’s just one reason to get into anal sex. The other is that it can give both men and women some of the best orgasms of their lives. asked Alex Hopkins to give you ...
  • Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore gives her best advice on this masturbation technique & how to get freaky with veggies. Dear Molly I read a story about a girl ...
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