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  • Have any of you been asked by your husband to have sex with another Male while he, ur husband, merely watches. My husband wants us to do this. So anyone experienced this before. What was it like after ...
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  • What do you prefer? A sex partner or a relationship. ...
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  • Sex is fun

    We all know that sex is very important part of our life. Because it help us to relax. If a girl want sex then she become mature to have fun. ...
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  • Getting cheated in a relationship is the worst feeling ever. No man wants her girl to ditch him for someone else. It leaves you heartbroken and in pain. What’s even more terrible is to figure out if y ...
  • Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore responds to a reader who's afraid to go outside their sexual comfort zone. How do you go about sexual experimentation and comfort zones with you ...
  • Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore gives her best advice to a woman wondering whether or not she should live out her sexual fantasies. Dear Molly I have a lot of sexual ...
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    Similar terms: Airplane, Mile High, Mile-High Club, Jack Off, Plane Sex, Airplane Sex,