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  • Vibrator question

    Hello everyone, I've got a vibrator question for you! I've been using different types of battery operating vibrators, but I keep having to change the batteries every week.. (guess I'm a heavy us ...
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  • fucking my self with dildo

    There is no better felling then having the dildo slide in and out your ass I can't even explain it but Iy feels so fucking good best part of being gay is the anal sex well it might be kicked in but I ...
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  • Favourite Dildo

    what is your favorite dildo made out of what color is it how long and how round? ...
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  • Dildo Or Dildon’t #10: Ask Abi’s Sex Toy Essentials For our tenth edition I wanted to do something a bit different, so I’m giving you a peek at my very favourite sex toys of all time. ...
  • Dildo Or Dildon’t #6: The Feeldoe

    This one will be short, but I feel like it’s important - time to talk about one of my favourite sex toys of all time... The Feeldoe. What is it Exactly? You hear some o ...
  • Do you enjoy penetration? It seems like a simple question, yet for women dating other women, this isn’t always easy to answer. Some don’t want penetration, others do, but what they want inside them ma ...
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    Similar terms: Fleshlight, Fleshlight Fuck, Dildo, Vibrator, Fleshlight Masturbation, Pocket Stroker, Pocket Pussy, Blow Job Simulator, Ben Wa Balls,