Being photogenic isn’t the same thing as being attractive, and while knowing how to dress and how to use makeup effectively helps it isn’t just that either. Knowing how to pose for a good photo - and how to take good photos of yourself - is its own skill. If you’d like to share a little intimate photography with a few special people (or indeed the entire internet, should that be your thing), I have a few simple tricks for how to take hotter photos that will help you make sure you’re putting your best face forward.



1. Avoid extreme close-ups - especially of genitalia

Very few people want to see a close-up of your bits. There’s something about those photos that always looks a bit medical; more like something out of a student’s textbook than a porn shoot. Abstract anonymous penises mostly look pretty much the same as each other, no matter how fond you might be of your own. Yes, you heard me:

don't send out of context dick pics

. The best photos have a bit of framing, a bit of context and a bit of interest.


2. Make sure your lighting is as good as it can be

Grainy lamp-lit darkness can work if you’re doing it on purpose and you’re clever with it, but it’s much easier to get a good shot if you’re in a well-lit room. Daylight is best - if your windows are private enough, make sure you’re standing in the light of one of them. If they’re overlooked or it’s night-time, turn on as many lights as you can and position yourself well.


3. Try and include your face wherever possible

You might have plenty of good reasons to keep your face out of a photograph of your tits, but if you’re able to include it - when you’re sending the photo to a real-world partner whom you trust, for example, or if you’re simply not that bothered by potentially being identified - it really does make a difference. This is the most important tip for taking hotter photos - it makes the photo seem warmer and more personal and it adds interest.


4. Learn your best angles - and experiment with new ones

It’s not quite true that everyone has a “best side”, but it is true that different people look their best in different positions. Learn what yours are! Trial and error is the only way to do this - be that by looking into a mirror or by taking a lot of selfies to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.


5. Do everything you can to keep your phone out of the shot

I have a bit of a bugbear (that's British for pet peeve) about the classic “mirror selfie”, whether you’re sending a raunchy photo to a partner or making an outfit-of-the-day post on your blog. It always looks terrible - it covers up part of the shot, it means the photographer is usually staring just at their phone, and the lighting and focus always seems to be wrong. They’re easy to avoid, though; your best option is to use the self-timer and the front-facing camera with your phone or tablet leaning against something a few feet away from you.


6. Take plenty of versions of each shot - and curate them

Try not to just take a single version of each photo! Take five or six shots for every one you send, reviewing them as you go to see if you need to stand a little differently or do something else with your hands or whatever.



7. Relax into your poses to keep them from looking forced

Once you’ve picked a pose, you know it works, and you’ve taken a couple of frames - concentrate on relaxing into it. Loosening your shoulders can make a huge difference, as can making sure your posture is decent. You’ll end up looking a lot less “posed” this way.


8. Put a little thought into your surroundings

Nobody lives in a photo studio or a show home, and besides you’re most likely to be sending these photos to someone already well-acquainted with the inside of your bedroom. Still, though, there’s nothing arousing about a heap of dirty laundry or the toilet in your bathroom. Put a little thought into what’s going into the rest of your shot before you take it.


9. Avoid heavy editing - but know what does help

Filters, smudging and blurring usually look a bit amateurish - better to go with something plainer that lets your body speak for itself. What does make a huge difference if you want to take hotter photos, though, is cropping. Avoid cropping so that you’re dead center - leave something to frame yourself with, or position yourself slightly toward the edge of the image. You might also find that your photos look better if you take the brightness down a little and the colors up a little, though there’s no need to worry about that too much for something like this.


I also have a few words of warning. We all know by now that these photos can be risky; once you’ve shared something like this digitally you can never really be sure who has seen it or could get hold of it in the future, and that isn’t something to go into without considering the potential consequences. It’s also important to bear in mind that sharing photographs like this is a sexual activity - which means that you need enthusiastic consent before you do it. Nobody needs any more unsolicited dick pics. Most of us have already seen enough of those to last a lifetime.

Abi is a freelance writer and general pen-for-hire devoted to genre fiction, social justice and M.A.C lipstick. Follow her on her website or @see_abi_write.

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