Cosplay is fun, but it can be costly. You can be a superhero or that guy from your favourite anime series with the huge sword, or that sexy and cool steampunk heroine, pilot chick.

Cosplay is also a shitload of work. Mainly because you don't get the gear at H&M. That's the point, but sometimes you crave the fun but not the endless hours of work. Sitting at home, alone, in front of a sewing machine that doesn't work the way you want it to. On top of that, it's not cool to spend your Saturday night like that. Even if you get those flashy pants ready in time for the convention, there'll be those fuckers who made waaaaay cooler outfits than you did and you'll feel like shit. Fuck, you already know your photo will be posted on some blog somewhere as a cheap attempt. They will ignore how much work you put into it, and that everyone has to start somewhere. You will feel that people are gonna laugh at you and and and... fuck!

Fuck it! Go pro by going cheap!

All it takes is a black make-up pen, probably not a permanent marker, but on the other hand, why not? - and some tape. The rest you'll find nearby: toilet paper, a sweater, tissues, chopsticks, cutlery, a table cloth, chairs, ... get creative. If you're a believer in galactic hitch-hiking you'll be carrying a towel anyway. Depending on the colour, it can create millions of opportunities. Yours will be classic white:

American Horror Story! The towel and said make-up pen does the trick. Try it out!

low cost cosplay american horror story

Or 15th Century Flemish Style Portraits? Get some tissues and a serious face. Let´s go Amish!


In order to impress the world there's one more thing you need to know. The middle finger unicorn. Promote this insulting but mythical beast at every opportunity. Very much like this website but slightly warped.  We, in the offices, wanted to get the domain but, as there are so many risks of typos, we went for the less sparkly but straight to the point,!

middle finger unicorn

Now, go and post your results on Lowcostcosplay. That's where we got some inspiration for this post from. We'd also like to credit some inspiration to



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