Ever wonder how to strip like a pro? In the cosy confines of a happy relationship a little strip teasing from time to time can be a lot of fun, and it doesn’t have to be a professional standard performance. But both of you should be on the same page before you start, because if you’re worried about looking like an idiot, or they’re worried about you feeling uncomfortable, the magic will not happen. Play around with it initially, no one has the best va va voom moves the first time they try it out, but with plenty of encouragement and an appreciative audience, you’ll both get the best out of a sexy striptease routine. Here’s how to get started...


Tips for how to strip like a pro: Don’t be drunk

how to strip like a pro for amateurs

Even if you don’t end up tripping over your knickers and knocking yourself out, being drunk in charge of a striptease is not a good look. You’ll be unconvincing, random, and more likely to look ridiculous than hot. Worse still you could end up giggling and it’s really essential that you don’t. Burlesque dancing is known for its wit and originality, but a few unusual positions and a knowing raised eyebrow are different to falling over furniture and roaring with laughter. It puts the other person into a completely different zone and the erotic charge disappears completely. Once it’s gone the atmosphere of seduction is almost impossible to reignite there and then – especially if you’ve fallen asleep on the sofa – so keep the drinking to a minimum. A glass of wine for Dutch courage can tackle any nagging doubts and lower inhibitions, but if you want to find out how to strip like a pro, resist the temptation to down the bottle.


How to strip like a pro: keep the best for last

There’s no point giving away too much in the beginning, so if your partner loves your chest, keep it under wraps for longer, same goes for your sexy ass, thighs or feet. If you feel more comfortable keep your (sexiest) underwear on for the grand finale, this gives your lover the opportunity to rip it off whilst crazed with lust – and you can enjoy being ravaged. If you want to strip like a pro, it's just as much about concealing parts of the body as revealing them in a tempting way. During a sexy striptease routine you want your audience to feel the way you feel, so stroke your body sensuously. Rub your hand down your waist and arms, touching yourself how you’d like them to touch you. It gives the impression that you’d be great to be caressed by.


Practice in front of the mirror

Dancing around the bedroom to Beyonce and pulling your top up does not equal a striptease. With performers like Jo Boobs and Dita Von Teese on the scene, this exhibitionists dream has been elevated to an art form – so give it the attention it deserves by practicing beforehand. Steal some moves from YouTube tutorials or check out a few music videos for inspiration and then shimmy around to see what looks good. Avoid trying to replicate the moves of a movie stripper though, these scenes have been choreographed to be looked at from every angle and you’ll only have one pair of eyes on you. That means you need to concentrate on your lover, work out what they’ll be seeing and how much you want to show them. Eye contact is a vital aspect of stripping because looking directly at someone makes you seem self-assured. Want to know how to strip like a pro? Confidence is the key.


Get the right outfit together

Strippers come up with all kinds of creations to standout on a large stage, but at home you have to tailor your costume to a more intimate show. Sequins and lace look cool from a distance but don’t offer the tactile pleasures of silk or soft cotton up close. Think about the kind of fabrics your partner loves to see you in and work with those. Don’t try to clamber out of tight jeans, a body con dress or something that’s held together by twenty fastening. Skirts or shorts work well, as do button up tops – it’s far more attractive to undo one at a time, than pull a t-shirt off over your head. If you have a collection of fabulous Agent Provocateur goodies in your draw and you feel good in them, put them on! A sexy striptease routine is best when it’s done with confidence and attitude, so if you love peeling off black stockings and tinkering with a bustier, that’s cool too.

Dressing the part can get you to the right place emotionally and once you’re in character, you’ll be stripping like a pro.

Image by duncan c via Flickr with CC BY 2.0 license






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