If you are out on your travels then you may be stopped in your tracks by one of these inappropriately named places. We can’t tell if in all cases the names are intentional or unintentional but they are sure to raise a smile whenever you see them.

1. Cum Park Plaza

If you are looking to do some shopping, then this North American shopping area is bound to satisfy you in every way. What better place to do your retail shopping and purchasing than to do it in ‘Cum Park Plaza’. We are not sure if this is supposed to be a pun or not, but either way, it is certainly bound to leave you very satisfied.


2. Cubic Hair

Perhaps known for its square hair cuts, this East Asian hairdressers is known for leaving curly, wiry hairs on the floor. Perhaps they also give hair cuts, and trims, below the waist, hence their name which borders on the ‘pubic’. It is well known that the North Korean leader bans certain forms of haircuts. Heaven knows what he would make of this name.


3. Big Dick’s Halfway Inn

Too knowing to be an obvious mistake, Big Dick’s is the best place to slide into if you would like to have a burger or a suggestive hotdog. The ‘halfway inn’ addition only adds to the general humour of this great name. We need to know if this restaurant is located in the heart of Cum Park Plaza.


4. Masterbyte

If Cubic Hair is looking for someone to design their website then they need look no further than Masterbyte which, if you say it quickly, may as well be ‘masturbate’. Masterbyte are guaranteed to make sure that you have a website that you can be proud of.


5. Beaver Drills

We were not sure if this was also a pun, but Beaver Drills is all too real. The best drills available if you want to fill a hole.



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