Let’s not beat around the bush (although I’m sure the users of this cheeky website would be willing to) - Saucydates is not for those who are looking for someone to gaze lovingly at over a candlelit dinner. While it labels itself as a dating website, there’s no pretending that the people who join up are after anything other than a banging good time. Take note; if you’re searching for true love, you aren't likely to find it here. Not before the sex, at least. We’re lucky enough to live in an age where it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy casual sex, and Saucydates embraces and encourages this. With so many members, it’s clear to see that websites like this are extremely popular and growing more so every day.


dating site review saucydates.com


How easy is it to sign up?

It’s obvious from the signup page that this isn't your usual dating website. The black and white image of a steamy couple more than hints at what’s on offer here and if that isn't tempting enough, a bold heading makes it clear that this site is 100% free to join. Of course, there may be those who still aren't sure if this is what they’re looking for, so the site offers a tour and a sneaky peek at some of the other randy people who are signing up for a dating website like this. If I was here hoping for a serious relationship, this is the point when I’d click that little X in the corner. However, although I came here to write this Saucydates review, I’m now really intrigued at what else I'll find and I start the process of becoming a member.

The first of many good points is that joining the site is extremely quick and straightforward. I’m simply required to enter my gender, decide on a username and give them my email address. Once I've clicked the link in the confirmation email they sent me (and agreed to their T&Cs, which are all very standard), I’m prompted to enter further details about myself, such as my ethnicity and body type, and what I’m looking for, which is to be expected when signing up to a site where members can handpick their perfect fuck buddy. Although I don’t have to, I’m given the option of uploading a profile picture and I’m surprised by how strict the site is when it comes to choosing one. They have a lot of restrictions on what is allowed; perhaps the most surprising being there must be no nudity or full body shots in the photo. However, I soon discover I can upload ‘private’ photos to my profile and I guess this is where those naughty pictures go! Once I've chosen my profile photo, I’m informed that it can take up to 24 hours for it to be manually checked and approved- they really are strict about those rules! Profile complete, I’m now ready to go find myself a suitable shag.

dating site review saucydates.com


What kind of people are using the site?

I’m shocked when, having only signed up a few moments ago and still without a profile picture, I already have four messages from other users. Two simply say ‘hello’, one tells me he’s looking for a good time and the other is much more frank with what he would like to do to me and my lady-bits. For some users, this exchanging of erotic messages will be all they came here for, whilst for others it’ll be some arousing foreplay in the lead up to the real thing. I’m curious about the ones who only said hello, so I reply with a simple ‘hi’. Within seconds I have a message back asking for a photo of my tits. Who said romance was dead, eh?

If none of the members who message you seem interesting, there’s always the option to search and find one who gets the blood rushing to your naughty bits. Although the 'search' section is really easy to use, you can’t be too specific with who, or what, you’re looking for. The most you can narrow it down to is gender, sexual preference, age and location. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of profiles don’t have photos, but there is the option to only bring up members who do. I’m impressed with how attractive the majority of these people are- perhaps I was expecting the type of folk you see psychotically staring out from police mug shots, but these are all very normal looking guys and girls. If there was any doubt left, after scouring through numerous profiles, it’s clear that they’re all here for the same reason- they’re all horny. They want dirty chat, explicit pictures and most importantly, they want a fuck buddy.

dating site review saucydates.com


It is worth signing up? Saucydates is a truly free online dating site

Whilst Saucydates is very user-friendly, it does have a few downsides. It manages to keep everything free by advertising other dating websites and I find myself being redirected to these adverts every few minutes, which becomes quite tedious. The 'messages' section isn't great either and could be a little clearer, although it’s not too hard to figure it out. When it comes to the live chat, I can’t say I’m very impressed. The overall layout and appearance is very bland- the conversation shows as a block of grey text and it's hard to tell who is talking to who. Most people are just saying ‘hi’, with a few smutty comments chucked in now and then, and admin keep butting in to remind everyone that rule breakers will have their accounts closed down (to which many reply that would get rid of 80% of the guys on there). It’s apparent this website wasn't made for the chat section!

Despite its flaws, the site has many good points and I’m impressed when my profile photo is approved in less than a couple of hours. Unlike many dating sites that allow you to sign up for free, then charge you to send and receive messages, Saucydates has no hidden costs. It’s easy to use and navigate, and it certainly takes the time and hassle out of finding a fuck buddy to get hot and steamy with. Give it a go- you might just find something else to have a go on.





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