Silicone, oil or water based lubes - which one should you pick? Choosing the best lube can be a complicated topic, but Fuck is here to help! Together with our resident writer Rebecca Dane we’ve created a cheat-sheet guide for you to find safe lubes for your bodies. 


There are plenty of reasons that someone might choose to use lubricant. Reasons can range from dryness to enjoyment of different sensations or tastes to literally anything else. Lube is essential for anal sex because the anus doesn’t have any natural lubricant. It can be used doing masturbation or partnered play, or for external massages and internal stimulation. Basically, lubricant is a lot of fun. 

However, when partaking in that fun, certain things need to be considered. Not all lubricant is created equal. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers and shops out there that don’t care about health – they just care about sales. Thankfully, there are more and more companies that are prioritising their customers and creating lubes that are body safe. 

Lubricants have different ingredients that can affect the osmolality and pH of the formula. In very simplistic terms, the anal tissues and the vaginal tissues require certain levels of osmolalities and pHs to stay healthy. As well, certain ingredients can cause allergic reactions or irritation (like propylene glycol and glycerin). Typically, silicone lubricants are body safe, and it is the water-based ones that require more additives, but we’ve listed some good brands for all types of lubricants. 

Sexy couple using lube for erotic massage.
Lube can be used for external massage and internal stimulation

If you’re using lubricant with condoms, please make sure to research if they are compatible. Silicone and oil-based lubricants will break down latex material. If you’re using other types of condoms, then reach out to companies and bloggers before using anything except water-based lubricants. Please note that everyone is different. Always read the ingredients before purchasing, especially if you have a known intolerance to certain ones. This guide is just that – a guide. The goal is for you to find a safe lube with which you are happy.

1. Sliquid

Sliquid has a variety of lubricants that include water-based, silicone-based, coconut oil based and even flavoured versions. Each product is guaranteed to be free of always free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol and sulphates. They are also vegan! Sliquid even has a special water-based lube (Sassy) for anal play, which is a thicker texture. Sliquid tends to find its way onto many sex toy blogger’s preferred lube lists. 

2. Good Clean Love

Good clean love focuses on water-based lubricants. Their “Almost Naked” product is their main lubricant, but they have also created a cinnamon/vanilla flavour and a water-based lubricant with hemp oil. Their products are organic, sustainable and well researched. They even have a program to provide free samples to medical clinics, universities and non-profits.

3. Hathor Aphrodisia

This Canadian mom and daughter duo specialised in therapeutic oils, creams and lotions before producing lubricants. They focus on safe products that are environmentally friendly. They promote organic ingredients and sustainable farming by working with small farms whenever possible. Their SUTIL lubricant is water-based, and many bloggers claim it is the closest texture to silicone silkiness they have discovered from a water-based lubricant. (Note: Their lubes do contain gluten). 

4. YES Lube

YES Lube is currently gaining popularity! Their ingredients contain no known skin or mucosal irritants, and no natural or synthetic products that are known to have health issues or concerns. They list all - and we mean ALL - their ingredients clearly on their website, with references, which is refreshing. They have water-based lube, plant-oil based lube, anal-specific lube, and a variety of other intimate products. 

5. Uberlube

Uberlube is just one lubricant instead of a whole range. It is a silicone lubricant that is widely loved by the sex blogging community. It also has more uses than just lubricant. It is recommended (and promoted) for hair styling and anti-chafing. They claim they have chosen their ingredients to be “as safe for the human body as possible.”

6. The Butters

The Butters is a vegan, oil-based lubricant that has no added fragrances. The texture is what makes this lubricant unique because it is much thicker than other lubricants and can resemble… butter. The company also claims it can be used for massages, makeup removal, shaving “cream” and more. 

Runner Ups:

 Probe is a water-based lubricant made from three simple ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is good for both osmolality and pH properties. It is on the runner-up list because it is only available online and US-based.

Aloe Cadabra is an aloe-based lubricant that comes in a variety of flavours (unscented, lavender, pina colada, and more). Aloe Cadabra is as close to a body’s natural pH as possible. It is on the runner-up list because of expensive/slow shipping outside of North America. 

When shopping for lubricants, make sure to stick to well-known, trusted brands to keep your body safe. Remember to always check ingredients for potential irritants and allergens if your body is sensitive to something. Different lubes will work for different people, and that is okay! 

Have you tried any of the ones listed? What did you think?

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