From freaky fetish clubs to dirty dogging, has covered a lot of the city’s sinful secrets, and it’s about to get a whole lot more delicious. For those nights when you know you want something naughty, but not quite sure what, we have a wide variety of sexy activities to suit anyone. 


10. Volunteer To Be Naughty

If the wallet’s a little tight, then you can get naughty on your own time without a dime. Handjobs Media works in the BDSM scene of London, and you can use your nights to hand out goodie bags with condoms, lube, and other sexy surprises to kinksters at exclusive events! Two well-spent stars for meeting new, kinky people.



9. Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya

Have a session with London’s erotic pleasure mentor Vena Ramphal with private workshops for women. You’ll learn to 'Flaunt Your Hips' with illuminating discussions about how to keep sex spicy and lessons in erotic movement to work those hips. Two and a half stars because our hips don't lie!



8. Dirty Sexy Words

Stop by at this bi-monthly reading event, and listen to everything from erotic fiction to classic literature. Featuring some pretty big names in the world of paperback smut, this is a tantalizing way to start a steamy evening for two (or one!) in this Croydon bar. Three stars because who doesn’t love a bit of audial foreplay.


Attractive couple in the bath.

7. Get Clean, Get Bright

Sometimes the sexiest time is spent not going out – stay home or splash out on a lavish hotel suite for two (or more) complete with an intimate bubble bath. Cast a romantic glow with pink and red glow sticks among the bubbles and enter a soapy fantasy world. Three stars for steamy fun in the tub!



6. Stay In The Boudoir

Flaunt your naked body in tasteful photographs to share with a special someone, or keep them your naughty secret. Faby & Carlo deliver a classy boudoir experience that will leave you feeling pampered and more in love with yourself than ever. Three stars for embracing your bodacious beauty!



5. Make Customised Latex

Love a good latex? Check out Club Rub's beginner’s latex course, where you can cut, glue, and customize your own rubber gear. One 5 hour lesson gets you a plethora of hard-earned and well-made kink accessories, plus the skills to outfit your whole dungeon on a budget. Four stars for bondage on a budget.


Woman in Latex staring at the camera.

4. London Fetish Fair

Every other Sunday, visit the world famous London Fetish Fair and pick up some new sexy threads and spanking implements! Check out fetish fashion, dungeon displays, and even the evening play after party where you can test drive your new goodies. Four stars for new goodies every month.



3. Fetish Speed Dating

Never find a good moment to mention your gimp mask collection and penchant for latex during your vanilla dates? That’s why Club Rub introduced free speed dating for fetishists! You get 5 minutes to learn about the person across from you, including whether they’re a dom or sub! Four and a half stars for knowing what you’re getting!



2. Sploshing

Dabble in the world of wet and messy erotic play with Spanish Dominatrix Mistress Luna as your guide. She’ll cover everyone in all sorts of substances, from custard and jelly to paint and mud. All good clean fun goes out the window in this erotic, messy fantasy come to life. Childhood fun fused with pure sex – Five stars!



And the Number One place to fucking go this week is…


1. Watch Your Sexts Come To Life

For about £50, forward your hot and steamy mobile messages and have them turned into a 6-minute movie featuring pornographic scenes. There’s nothing more personal than porn made just for you! Five stars for art imitating life!



What sexy stuff have you gotten up to around London? Leave a comment below with your naughtiest adventure, and keep an eye out for the next week's top ten places to go in London!


Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk



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