Need to get out of the house but don’t know where to go? Have no fear buddies! has compiled this awesome list of ‘Top Ten Places to Fucking Go’ just for you, so you don’t have to waste hours wandering aimlessly around. So get out there and have some fucking fun!

We’re getting a bit taboo this week, with the hot topic of dogging! What is dogging? If you listen to UK media, it’s a “problem” in this country, where people have sex outside, potentially inviting nearby strangers to watch or participate. But if you listen to us, it’s something that could fulfill your wildest fantasy when done carefully under cover of night.

We highlight London’s “dogging hotspots,” where you can get it on and fulfill your outdoor fantasy in the company of others.



Map of London Hotspots.


Top Ten Places to Fucking Go in the UK

London Dogging Spots

10. Thames Barrier Car Park
The overflow car park of this Eastmoor St. wooded area provides a dark and secluded space for some quick car nookie with new friends.

9. Royal Victoria Gardens
This small garden park overlooks the river on the north side and gazes upon Woolwich in all its glory across the water. Steer clear of the children’s area with the paddling pool and instead stick to the dense shrubs and trees to provide a nighttime romp for only the most selective eyes.

A bit further afield...

8. Leaves Green, Biggin Hill
The public toilets of this Bromley hamlet take provide a picturesque village by day and a raunchy sex retreat by… well, day! This hotspot is considered to have all-day, all-night vacancy when it comes to hooking up with an audience!

7. Bromley Common
Group love finds a home in this sexy paradise, where over 300 online users of swinging websites admit to doing it on the regular.

Exhausted from all that, ahem, ‘shopping’?

6. Tower Retail Park
Throw the shopping into the boot and venture outside after hours for a hot and steamy session to unwind from your late night Crayford shopping.

5. Foots Cray
A drive through Foots Cray provides a quaint area to check out churches and the Coca-Cola factory, but pull over to the wooded area on the side of the road after 11 on any Friday and Saturday night, and you’ll find yourself a rowdy good time!

4. O2 London
This Greenwich concert icon is sure to give you a treat after taking in your favourite show, with the car being serving as a popular place to fuck and watch for all!

Nature buffs…(come on, someone had to say it!)

3. Abbey Wood
A hotspot for history and nature buffs, but even hotter for frolicking nature IN the buff. Abbey Wood has its own church and 12th-century ruins, but stick to the outer edges, along the road for the spiciest action and couple spotting.

2. Oxleas Wood
One of the better-kept secrets in dogging hotspots is Oxleas Wood, where couples are king, and you can watch and participate to your heart’s delight. This is a hidden gem, so be sure to hang around the car park after hours on weekends for peak action.

And the number one place to fucking go this week…

1. Mottingham Sports Field
You can choose to get hot and sweaty with your favourite sports, or you can go the much more fun route – hot, voyeuristic sex with strangers! The sports field leading into the woodland is rife with doggers and is one of the most secluded and popular locations on our list!

Got your own hot tips for dogging spots? Leave a comment below!

Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk



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