This week put the focus on the sexiest activities London has to offer. Check out our top 10 list of things to do with a date or on your own. Adult BnB's, a private session with a Dom, or kinky chocolate - we've got something for every taste. 



10. Dine With Fellow Geeks

The Banker Pub is the meeting ground every third Wednesday of the month, for fellow geeks in all thinks geeky. Grab a pint and chat about everything from Dungeons and Dragons to programming to BDSM. Nothing is off limits here, and this is truly a home for everyone to be themselves. Two stars for merging hobbies!


9. A Touch of Cacao

These workshops are held at Sacred Pleasures, and are sweet as chocolate! Combining the explorations of sensuality and kink with ceremonial use of cacao will stimulate all your senses. A day-long session where taste and touch come into play.
Two and a half stars for combining everyone’s favourites; sex and chocolate.


8. Expand Your Bedroom Skills

Coco de Mer is a luxury boutique, selling high-class sex toys, decadent lingerie, and also offering a variety of sexy salons. From spanking and squirting to giving the best oral sex, each salon has a different focus aimed to broaden your horizons and up your skills in the bedroom. Two and a half stars for an erotic, educational evening!


7. Cross-Dressing

Whether you’ve lusted after your wife’s heels, or you could never fathom the idea, it’s worth a try to dress up and live in the fantasy. Toppers fetish club provides a cross-dressing experience for your first time, and even provide you with a stylist to make your feminine side shine, just as you deserve. Three stars for a bold and daring first time.


6. BnB Adult Style

You could rent a room somewhere, have sex, and bring your frills. Or, you could rent a BnB complete with spanking bench, rubber bondage sacks, iron cuffs, throne, stretch rack – you won’t be bored in this luxurious London boudoir. Wake up the next morning to a classic breakfast and digest the night before. Three and a half stars for local fun that’ll take you away!


5. Party And Learn Something Sexy

We’ve talked about Sh! before as one London’s best sex shop, with their incredible selection of toys and accessories. However, they’re also renowned for holding educational and sex-positive workshops, both in-store and even in your home. Invite a couple of friends or a special someone to do some homework later. Four stars for getting a gift with each class!

women champagne.jpg

4. Hitchin’ Bitches

Hosted by Sense Shibari, Hitchin’ Bitches is a group for female rope enthusiasts who are into tying up their partners. They meet every second Saturday of the month at The Flying Dutchman for demonstrations, chats, and peer teaching.
Four stars for learning a new skill and improving old ones!


3. Visit Your Own Personal Dom

Master Dominic is a gay dominator who will fulfil your kinkiest fantasies. Pay him a visit for experiments in needle play, trampling, even nipple torture. This sexual artist may turn you on to kinks you never thought imaginable.
Four and a half stars for pushing your boundaries.


2. After Pandora

Mingle with open-minded and sexually adventurous people like yourself at one of the monthly socials held by After Pandora. All genders, orientations, ages, and races are welcomed with open arms, to explore and play with X-rated experimentation.
Five stars for meeting new people, and then some.


And the Number One place to fucking go this week is…



Orgasmic Mediation is designed to combine the power of meditation with the deeply human connection of an orgasm. Sessions include a 15-minute partnered practice of clitoral stroking with no intention other than to be present. There are no words for this experience, but we give it five stars for the most connected you can feel to your partner.


What sexy stuff have you gotten up to around London? Comment below with your naughtiest adventure!


Charlotte is the writer behind the sex-positive blog, My Tickle Trunk. She is a sex blogger and passionate advocate for body-safe sex aids, sexual exploration, and body positivity! Twitter: @MyTickleTrunk


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