Getting cheated in a relationship is the worst feeling ever. No man wants her girl to ditch him for someone else. It leaves you heartbroken and in pain. What’s even more terrible is to figure out if your girl is cheating on you or not. How to be sure about it? Is your girlfriend disloyal? 

If you are faced with such questions, you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about some of the common signs to see if your girlfriend is cheating on you. (Advertising).


She Remains Distracted

One common sign that your girlfriend might be cheating on you is her being distracted. You will feel that she’s not taking an interest in your conversations. She might be there with you physically, but mentally she is thinking about something or someone else. In short, she is no longer there to provide you with emotional support.


She Keeps Cancelling Plans

There was a time when she loved hanging out with you. She might have even fought to be with you. But not anymore. You will see a sudden change. She will no longer ask you to go out with her or plan a trip. Instead, she might even give unnecessary excuses to cancel the plans you already have. 


She’s Always Busy

You might find her having a busy schedule every time you call her. Try figuring out if it’s a sudden change or has she always been a workaholic. If it’s something new, there are chances that she is just using work as an excuse to avoid you. 


She Doesn’t Call You Often

No calls? No texts? It’s a problem. It’s another common sign that she might be cheating on you. If she doesn’t seem excited to call you or text you, and even if you call her, she might hang up after a few minutes, that could be a sign of cheating. It clearly shows that she has lost interest in talking to you.


She is Making New Friends

Is your girlfriend making new friends or spending more time with her old friends? Does she seem happy when she’s with her friends? You need to notice all these changes to see if she’s being disloyal. Usually, girls like to introduce their boyfriends to their friends. But if she’s keeping it a secret, there’s something wrong and you need to figure it out before it’s too late.


She Stops You from Getting Intimate

Yes, it could be a sign that she’s seeing someone else. Either she makes excuses right before you plan to get intimate, or she just doesn’t seem in the mood. It could be any of the two possibilities. If she no longer finds you attractive, it’s a serious sign that your relationship has come to an end and you can’t avoid it. Talk to her before it’s too late.

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She Makes Endless Excuses

You will see that your girl is making an excuse for every other thing. Whether it’s about going out, spending time together, meeting your friends or family, or anything else, she will have an excuse ready. In short, she will avoid you as much as possible. You, your friends and family don’t interest her anymore.


She Hides Her Problems from You

Were you the first one with whom she used to share her problems? If yes, you might figure out if she stops sharing her problems with you. You might be the last one to know what she’s going through if she’s cheating on you. It’s either through her friends, or family that you get to know about her problems. She no longer considers you important enough to share your problems with. It’s a thing to be worried about as she might have found someone else’s shoulder to cry on. 


She is Chatting with a New Guy

A new guy friend? Is your girlfriend spending most of her time on her phone lately? If your girlfriend is busy chatting with her new guy friend, you need to be alert. There’s no problem making new friends, but there’s something fishy if this new friend is taking all her time. 


She’s Dressing Up/Her Style Changed

See if your girl’s dressing style has undergone a change. Has she got a new haircut? Or is she experimenting with her looks these days? Above all, she doesn’t even ask you about her new look. She doesn’t care whether you like her new style or not. It’s possible that this change might be inspired by someone. 


She Starts Keeping Secrets

You might notice a change in your girlfriend if she’s cheating on you. She will start keeping secrets from you. You will feel that the space you both used to share is slowly vanishing. Someone else might know her secrets if not you. Be cautious if this happens. 


She doesn’t Compliment You Anymore

No matter if you get a new haircut or wear her favourite colour, she does not notice it. These minute details that she used to notice earlier, and even compliment you for, no longer excite her. This is a sign that she doesn’t look at you the same way she used to before. There is a possibility that there is someone else whom she has started admiring.


Final Word

If your girlfriend is unfaithful, it’s better to end your relationship with her. However, most of the time, you don’t understand if your girl is actually cheating on you. Therefore, you keep dragging your relationship. Nonetheless, it’s better to be safe and look for signs to know if your girl is cheating on you. 

Don’t accuse your partner just by noticing the signs shared in the article. If you see any of these signs, talk to your girlfriend. There might be other reasons for her changed behaviour. Communication is key so always talk to clear misunderstandings before ending a beautiful relationship.



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When she takes her phone into the shower boys.... sell or trade in her car... make arrangements to kick her to the curb.   She's worthless at this point.   

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If your girlfriend is a natural cheater who has been doing it for long, you might never know, but if she's not and she just dabbled into it, you might be able to spot it with these signs

1. Might grow cold towards you

2. Always looks for a fight

3. Paranoid over nothing

4. Unresponsive during sex with you

These are just a few signs, but you as a man should make sure you do everything necessary, women like men need and like sex. You might not satisfy her in bed, men over time tend not to last long in bed anymore and are fine with it

But no, that's a huge problem, according to studies it takes men about 4 mins to get from penetration to ejaculation, while for a woman it takes up to 11 mins, so you can imagine how sexually frustrated she would be when you are done and she is just getting warmed up


Hope this helps



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