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  • So I hear all these terms: polyamory, poly this poly that... Isn't it just people wanting to fuck around? Or is there more to it? One relationship is a lot of work anyway, why would I want more than ...
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  • We as members or wana be members have to prove we are real prove we over 18 prove this n that so on n so on. Would l just as we have to do well do the same. Prove they not like them other ta ...
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  • Fuck scream

    How ladies/woman scream when they are been fucked, are they loving it or feeling pain ...
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  • Swinging (aka partner swapping) has been around for ages, but how do you go about finding a healthy community? asked Sienna Saint-Cyr to share her desire to start swinging and how she’s gone ...
  • Sexual compatibility is necessary to have a successful relationship. But how do you read the signs of attraction and know if you’re compatible early on? asked Sienna Saint-Cyr to share how sh ...
  • Top Ten Things to Fucking Do #37: Exploring Sexuality

    Looking for something fun and sexy to do this week? Maybe you want to learn a new trick? Or meet some fresh faces? Your search has finally fucking ended. has done the work for you and gathere ...
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    Similar terms: Sling, Swing, Balls Deep, Fuck, Sex Swing,
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