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  • College Humor puts a handful of toys to the test. Are they sex toys, or dog toys? Ok, so for anybody that's been to an adult store in the last century, most of these will be pretty ...
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  • One of my friends recently told me she doesn't use sex toys because she's in a relationship, and her boyfriend 'is enough' for her. In her opinion using a dildo or a vibrator would be like replacing h ...
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  • Sex Toy Treasure Hunt

    Fuck those kitchy chocolate calendars; we’ve got a much sexier ‘adults-only’ version! Poke around on and find the hidden sex toys to collect points. Each toy you find will give you 20 p ...
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  • Looking for some sex tips or relationship advice? Well, you're in good hands. Sex columnist, photographer and sex blogger Molly Moore responds to a question regarding whether or not it's okay to use s ...
  • Hentai For Beginners

    Have your sexual fantasies gone a bit limp? Tired of watching the same old mainstream porn? Check out's perfect introduction to hentai and learn all there is to know about anime, tentacle por ...
  • Being poor and horny can be a drag if you're looking to spice things up with a sex toy. Your hand (or partner) is great, but sometimes you want to feel something different. Maybe you want to try out a ...
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    Similar terms: Anal Beads, Sex Toy, Love Beads, Ben Wa Balls, Sex Toys
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