Similar preferences as vanilla

Vanilla. It generally refers to tender, romantic sex that moves rather slowly, involving lots of caresses and looking deep into each other's eyes. It's the "making love" that 50 Cent isn't into. Sometimes when people say "vanilla," they specifically mean sex in the missionary position. Basically, it's a term for "boring" sex, even if you say it lovingly about an activity you enjoy. Usually, it is used in contrast to kinky or BDSM sex, indicating it as free of these traits. But in fact it can be hard to draw such a clear distinction. Power dynamics, hair-pulling, anal sex and dirty talk tend to work their way into most bedrooms. What works for you works for you. If having loving sex, with people you love in some form is what makes you feel empowered, beautiful and satisfied the next morning, then that is precisely what you should do.