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Blonde, brunette or ginger? What’s your preference? Does it matter to you? A lot of people have a ‘thing’ for brunettes or ‘crazy red-heads’. Do blondes really have more fun? What about black hair, grey hair? Or the more outstanding colors like blue, green, orange or magenta? What about long, short or medium? It’s not just the color that grabs your fancy, it’s also the length and shape. Do you like the ‘I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed’ look? Or perhaps the more greased look? The way it’s worn: straight and down, up in a pony-tail or cutesy pigtails. Maybe you like it shaved into intricate designs? Or dreadlocks or no hair at all! There are infinite options when it comes to the hair on your head (no your other head you perv). But what it really comes down to is self-confidence and being happy with the way you look. Because you’re fucking beautiful with whatever hair (or no) that you have! Looking for other hairy situations? Take a peek down under: Photography, Pubic Hair, Body Hair
Body hair keeps us warm, and for some of us is also erotic. Since we no longer need it for its mammalian functions (thanks, cashmere). The tricky thing about it is that for some people it's a turn on, and for others it's repulsive. Some people love to indulge in the scents, moisture and sensations provided by thick hair. Others like to get creative with it and make designs by shaving it or dying it. And some just can't get far enough away from it!
The amount of pain depends on the quality of the candles and the height the wax is dropped from. The sensation could be a nice lukewarm, or a searing hot. Smaller candles and wax falling from higher up tend to be less hot. The wax pools a bit, and is then spilled with care onto the willing victim. Sex shops often sell candles that have a lower melting point for less risk of burning. The idea is to get a nice redness with a little puff in the skin, but not to injure anyone. As wax pools and cools, a layer will be formed over the skin. A whip or a switch might be just perfect to snap that apart. For any bears among us, though, it might be wise to put a layer of plastic between your body hair and that wax, unless you are into a really, really, really painful finish! For more hot ways to spice it up, check out: Blindfolds, BDSM, Bondage