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Genital piercings, or intimate piercings, are meant to increase pleasure and arousal. They can be on the nipples, labia, dick or perineum. Of course, there are risks associated with these kind of piercings. One should go to a licensed piercer, who has experience in this area. You should follow all instructions for maintaining hygiene in the area. Even the simplest piercings can get infected, so good aftercare is very important. You've probably heard of the Prince Albert, a ring through the urethra, and thought it a new trend but actually genital piercings have a long history in southern Indian cultures. Size, shape and location all vary endlessly for genital piercings. Nowadays, people who don't want to commit to a real piercing sometimes buy genital clips for a temporary taste of the same sensations. More bold body modifications are discussed here: Body Art, Tattoos, Sweet Pain
Piercings involve inserting metal bars or rings into the skin and through its underlying tissue. While piercings might seem modern and rather rebellious in Western cultures, they have been common in other cultures since time eternal. There are piercings that are meant to look beautiful, those that are meant to look painful or intimidating, and those that communicate something about the identity of the wearer. Since the New Age movement of the 60s, piercings have become more common. Even though nipple, navel and genital piercings have long histories in various cultures, they are still viewed as risqué and seductive by most of Western culture. For men, genital piercings are likely to involve the foreskin, the glans, the frenulum and the scrotum. Women are more likely to consider, along with the nipples, the clitoris, their foreskin, the labia and the pubic mound. For more on piercings, see below: Erotic Art, Genital Piercings, Sex Toys, Tattoos