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What’s so great about a hole in the wall? Well, this hole leads the curious to a bit of incognito fun. Glory holes are all over the place: in public toilets of some bars and clubs, or some cinemas. Gay and straight men use them. Most are just looking for a bit of noncommittal action from a faceless stranger. The first time a guy visits a glory hole, he might be a bit worried about sticking his dick, literally, into the ‘unknown’. He’s unsure what potential pleasures await his curious cock on the other side. For most the thrill of the unknown is what keeps them coming back for more. The curious cock can let his imagination fly as he slips onto a joy ride into the unknown. Glory holes are hidden all over and offer up mysterious pleasure rides with few complications!
Cottaging refers to anonymous sex in the bathroom, mostly between gay and bisexual men. You might think sex and toilets don't go together, and hats off to you for your upstanding principles. But if you ask your friends, you're likely to find out that the old water closet figures into a whole lot more sexual histories than you ever would've imagined. At the very least, you must know a member of the mile-high club. They probably didn't earn their membership in the aisle after the drink cart passed by! And clubs... if they're not providing couches and beds, someone is gettin' busy in the bathroom! While for many people, bathroom sex is a matter of convenience- or, arguably, desperation- for others it is a fantasy. Nailing the position is likely to be tricky, but there's joy to be had in the john, if you just know who to invite in. Get more ideas for kinky corners to cuddle up in here: Sex on the Washing Machine, Quickies , Exhibitionism
Locker rooms are a great setting for pornos, but the logistics of banging in one are pretty complicated in real life. First of all, you should probably be prepared to stand: think about the selection of surfaces at your disposal. Not great. And then, there is the challenge of finding a locker room empty enough, and getting it to stay that way long enough. You might be an exhibitionist who doesn't mind an accidental audience, but most schools or private gyms are going to mind, and laws about public behavior may apply. And finally, of course, there is the problem of rigid gender separation in most facilities. This is only a problem for straight people, of course, and it might, on the other hand, lay the groundwork for some very interesting same-gender experiences. Locker rooms might also be happy places for voyeurs, but make sure everything is fully consensual! More on getting publicly freaky here: Exhibitionism, Outdoor Sex, Quickies