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  • Watching leather men in Berlin dungeon sucking cock fucking Im naked playing with my cocktail that's like an iron bar never been so hard wen mother nd boyfriend come in caught me she was calling me ...
  • I was talking to some friends, and we ended up on the topic of anal sex lol. One of my friend said it's only for gays, but then another (male) friend says that "only the bottom is really gay" ?? Lol I ...
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  • I have a question I've been thinking about for a while... Is it harder for gay people to find a long term partner, than it is for straight people? And if that is the case, why is it? I'm ...
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    Threesomes. So enticing, yet so complicated. Threesomes with two men and a woman are common; sometimes both men are going to be with the woman one after the other, or all three are going at it simultaneously. It's also a good opportunity for newbies to try out any gay urges they may have. In practicality, threesomes can be a bit tricky to balance the attention. Finding a place where everyone is getting equal attention is not always easy, but through communication and practice everyone can get satisfied. Of course if role-play or exhibitionism is your thing, a threesome might be the perfect time to have an uninvolved audience. . Whichever variation you prefer, threesomes can be really good for relationships. Just make sure there is a ton of communication before and after play. Respect everyone's boundaries so that discovery of any feelings and preferences can be done honestly. Interested in other sexy options with multiple partners? Swing over to these pages: Partner Swapping, FFM, Threesomes, Group Sex
    Porn has been around probably as long as humankind. Before there was streaming video, there were erotic cave paintings, and all the clever media in between. Over time, who is pictured and what they are doing has evolved, and varied between cultures, but the gist has been the same. Porn displays sex acts in order to arouse the viewer. Because of the bias of the industry toward male viewers, most of what is shown is usually the female body and the male genitals. The focus is usually on the sexual acts themselves, and less so on the surrounding scenario or the relationship between the individuals. Pornos can depict any kind of sex, from gentle vanilla sex to really aggressive or fetishized sex. If what you see is really explicit, it’s usually referred to as “hardcore,” whereas “softcore” is something closer to what you might see at the movie theater. Want more sexy inspiration? Also have a look at these: Erotic Photography, Erotic Fiction, Erotic Art