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Saunas were established in many cultures as a place for health and wellness. But since everybody’s in their birthday suit anyway, things have a tendency to get hot and steamy in other ways. At many saunas, the sexual vibe is embraced through looking, approaching and even getting it on. If someone shows interest and the other party is receptive, things can get sexual right then and there. Maybe it wasn't your intention to have sex with strangers, but you might find that the sight of others getting down turns you on. There are usually designated areas or hot tubs where more action tends to take place. Many sex and swingers’ clubs make use of sauna areas to mingle with others. They might use lighting or music or show porn to create the right ambience. The biggest places in big cities have long hours, with some even being open 24/7. You might also be interested in: Sex in the Shower, Massage, Quickies
Threesomes. So enticing, yet so complicated. Threesomes with two men and a woman are common; sometimes both men are going to be with the woman one after the other, or all three are going at it simultaneously. It's also a good opportunity for newbies to try out any gay urges they may have. In practicality, threesomes can be a bit tricky to balance the attention. Finding a place where everyone is getting equal attention is not always easy, but through communication and practice everyone can get satisfied. Of course if role-play or exhibitionism is your thing, a threesome might be the perfect time to have an uninvolved audience. . Whichever variation you prefer, threesomes can be really good for relationships. Just make sure there is a ton of communication before and after play. Respect everyone's boundaries so that discovery of any feelings and preferences can be done honestly. Interested in other sexy options with multiple partners? Swing over to these pages: Partner Swapping, FFM, Threesomes, Group Sex
Locker rooms are a great setting for pornos, but the logistics of banging in one are pretty complicated in real life. First of all, you should probably be prepared to stand: think about the selection of surfaces at your disposal. Not great. And then, there is the challenge of finding a locker room empty enough, and getting it to stay that way long enough. You might be an exhibitionist who doesn't mind an accidental audience, but most schools or private gyms are going to mind, and laws about public behavior may apply. And finally, of course, there is the problem of rigid gender separation in most facilities. This is only a problem for straight people, of course, and it might, on the other hand, lay the groundwork for some very interesting same-gender experiences. Locker rooms might also be happy places for voyeurs, but make sure everything is fully consensual! More on getting publicly freaky here: Exhibitionism, Outdoor Sex, Quickies